Supercharge your running: Altitude training

On 13th January 2013 by Rachael Woolston

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Want to improve your personal best at running, cycling or triathlon? Add some altitude training.

‘With less oxygen at altitude, you body has to adapt to work with less,’ explains Richard Pullan, director of The Altitude Centre. ‘It means that your body is forced to become  more efficient with the available oxygen, which will improve your performance.’

Research by the Altitude Centre has shown that 2-3 sessions per week for three weeks produces significant results.

‘Your peaking time in terms of performance is usually 2-3 days after exposure or 14-21 days, depending on your individual response,’ says Richard.

Altitude training is considered so important to elite athletes that Mo Farah slept in an altitude tent right up until his Olympic 2012 performance.

But if you can’t afford a high altitude training camp with Gurkhas in Nepal, or your own personal tent there is always simulated training.

The Altitude Centre in London offers group running and cycle lessons from £28.



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